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Address: 6330 Merle Hay Road
                   Johnston, IA 50131

Phone: (515) 253-9107




Natural:  The regular, unpainted, gray concrete.

Antiqued:  This is the technique used to paint our statues.  We use Latex Exterior Paint to paint the entire statue with a solid basecoat, and later dry-brush a lighter color of paint of the top.  We have many combinations of different colors of paint to choose from.  All "Painted" prices refer to this finish.

Detailed:  After having finished antiquing some statues, we will add more colors to give them a more life-like appearance.  Because of the extra materials and time used to do this, detailed statues have a higher price (labeled as the "Detailed Price.")

Personalized Detailing:  This is a finish in which personalized sayings and flowery details are painted onto certain products, such as benches and stepping stones.  All of these items appear underneath the Personalized Detailing section.

Care of Statues:

    Most of our statues require very little care - they can sit outdoors in adverse weather all year round.  However, there are some special instances which extra care is necessary-

Birdbaths and Fountains:  require slightly more care than some of our other products.  In the winter, their bowls can fill up with ice, and the pressure could crack them.  They will then be unable to hold water.  During the winter, you need to either: A) Bring your birdbath or fountain inside, or B) Remove the bowl and stand it on its side next to the pedestal.  Some of our fountains come with a special plug in the bowls, allowing you to drain the water out.  Also, be sure to bring your fountain pump inside and put it inside of a plastic baggie to keep it in good condition during the long winter.

Fountains and birdbaths are also the only items we sell that contain any kind of water, so to help keep your water clean, we recommend fountain and birdbath cleaners which are safe for animals.  We sell these at our show room for $8.00 a bottle.  (See Miscellaneous Items section.)  It is also good to clean out your fountain every once in a while to make sure it is clean of mold/algae and to make sure the pump and tubing is clean and un-obstructed.

Planters:  Like birdbaths and fountains, planters can fill with ice in the winter.  The pressure of the growing ice is strong enough to crack the concrete.  Your planter will be protected, however, if you keep the soil in the planter for the winter.  That will not allow the ice to build up.  If you do not have soil in your planter, it will need to be brought inside.




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